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Please read over our policies before making your deposit...

Deposits & Purchases

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a baby Hedgehog for you. When the baby hedgehog is 7 weeks old, payment is due in full. If the Hedgehog is not paid in full within 7 days of the available date, the $50 non-refundable deposit is forfeited and the hedgehog will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Payments for adult hedgehogs and babies over 7 weeks old are due in full at the time of purchase.

If a deposit has been placed, and I learn that you reside in a state that​​ is illegal to own hedgehogs or learn that you intend on breeding or breed hedgehogs (please see No breeding policy), your deposit will be forfeited. Please do not lie to me about your intentions. If you want to become a licensed breeder, be upfront and honest about it. However, becoming USDA licensed does NOT mean you are exempt from my no breeding policy.

You will also forfeit your deposit and reservation on your hedgehog if you schedule an appointment to pick up your hedgehog and NO-SHOW. My time is valuable and there is no excuse for not calling or texting to tell me you can not make your appointment. I am happy to reschedule

I do not offer refunds on hedgehogs if you change your mind after you have purchased them.  I will however help you re-home your hedgehog if needed. ​​

No Breeding:

At this time, all hedgehogs will be sold as a pet and are not for breeding. If my animals are bred intentionally or by accident or the buyer breeds other hedgehogs at their residence the buyer agrees to pay Inland Northwest Hedgehogs $2,000.00 for breeding rights.

Health Guarantee:

I guarantee that all hedgehogs, bred by me, to the best of my knowledge, are free from any health problems. All hedgehogs, bred by me are guaranteed to be free from congenital problems until 6 months of age. If a hedgehog dies before the age of 6 months, I will replace the hedgehog at no charge with another hedgehog (when one becomes available). A necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian stating the nature of the problem was heredity or present at birth is REQUIRED. Please contact me immediately and I can assist you in finding a vet. All veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the pet owner once the hedgehog has been delivered.

There is a Lifetime Guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) on all hedgehogs bred by Inland NW Hedgehogs.Should your hedgehog's necropsy prove positive for WHS, the original purchase price will be applied to another hedgehog. ​​At Inland NW Hedgehogs we follow the pedigrees of our hedgies very closely and carefully monitor the health of our breeding stock. However, WHS has an unknown etiology -this means the cause of WHS is unknown. Some speculate it is viral and some believe it is genetic. Truth of the matter is that the cause is completely unknown. Without knowing what causes WHS, it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee it will not occur in ANY hedgehog from ANY breeder. Therefore, the only way we can protect your investment is to offer a LIFETIME replacement when a necropsy from OSU diagnosis is WHS upon death (please see paragraph below for directions on obtaining a necropsy from OSU). While it is heartbreaking to lose a pet, the risk of WHS might be something to consider before choosing a hedgehog as a pet.

​What to do if your hedgehog dies​:

​In the event your hedgie dies and you suspect WHS or a genetic anomaly, it is important to get your hedgie prepared and shipped (or driven) to OSU Veterinary diagnostic lab immediately upon death for a proper necropsy.

Step 1: Put your hedgehog in a large Ziploc bag and put in a cool place. DO NOT FREEZE.

Step 2: ​​Line a small box with puppy training pads. Use one puppy training pad to wrap the ice pack. The absorbable side should be directly on the ice pack to absorb the condensation.

Step 3: Place your hedgehog on top of the wrapped ice pack​​. Cover with a few more training pads. Add packing material as necessary to avoid shifting in the box.

Step 4: ​​On the OSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory website you will need to Print and fill out three forms:

​​​​Biopsy/Necropsy submission form
VDL Disclaimer
OSU Revolving Charge agreement​​

After you fill out the forms, please put them in a Ziploc bag and put inside the box.

Step 5: Seal up the box and send via priority mail (overnight mail if you are not in Oregon) to the shipping address on the top of the necropsy submission form. ​​OSU will email the results to you in about a week.  When you receive the report you will need to forward the PDF to us.


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