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When adopting an adult, many things factor in to how social the hedgehog will be. In most cases these are retired breeders. While I take good care of my hedgehogs they don't get handled as much as your everyday  "pet home"  adult hedgehogs. 
​ Due to their instinctual nature during the gestation periods and while nursing and caring for young babies moms of new babies or soon to be moms don't like to be handled.  
​It may take several extra weeks for your adult hedgehog to bond with you. As well as more time and patients.  When you come to meet the hedgehog in person, do NOT expect it to be happy to meet you. 
​ In most cases, an adult adoption isn't the best for 1st time hedgehog owners. Also they are not usually a good fit for children either.  PLEASE read the description of each hedgehog before submitting a reservation form.

                                              To Reserve an adult hedgehog
Step 1
Fill out a reservation form. The information submitted will be used for our contract. In this contract you will be agreeing to "no breeding of this animal".
Step 2
You will receive a PayPal deposit request for $25 to hold your hedgehog. Hedgehogs will not be held without a deposit.
Please be prepared to pick up your hedgehog within 5 days ​ (please note this deposit is non-refundable)
Step 3
 You will be asked to submit a picture of adequate habitat setup as well as heat source. There is a list of needed supplies under the care sheet section tab at the top of this page. You can also find a list and pictures under the Supplies tab at the top of this page. If you choose to purchase the ultimate deluxe set up from  us you will receive a $25 discount on the adoption fee of your adult hedgehog. (this offer is for adult hedgehogs only)   
None available at this time